Where we invest


We invest in early stage technology companies in Europe. Our main areas of focus are:

  • big data analytics
  • cloud computing
  • digital media
  • enterprise software
  • fintech
  • internet
  • mobile
  • retail technologies
  • social media
  • telecommunications software

What makes us different


At Eden, we address the funding gap between business angels and later stage venture capitalists, providing investment appropriate for the needs of an investee company and its stage of development. As a seed investor we are prepared to 'take the early risk' but we also have enough capacity in our funds to support our companies to significant exits. We have helped our entrepreneurs attract world-class investors such as Bessemer, Canaan Partners, Highland, Index, Intel Capital, Matrix, Ribbit Capital, TCV and Union Square Ventures into follow-on rounds.

Investment strategy


We will invest as little as £200,000 to back an innovative idea, up to around £1.25 million for a team not yet ready for a traditional Series A investment, through to as much as £3 million for a team with early revenues requiring expansion capital. Critically, we will support our successful portfolio companies with additional funding as they develop over time up to around £6-8 million.

What we offer


As a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced business managers and investment professionals, we apply our collective operational expertise to assist the development of our portfolio companies in every area.

We offer help with: 

  • formulating product development strategies 
  • introducing sound operating policies 
  • developing sales and marketing strategies 
  • making introductions to key customers and partners 
  • establishing financial and budgeting processes 
  • developing and strengthening management teams 
  • assisting with key recruits across all disciplines 
  • advising on employee stock option programmes 
  • thinking through fund raising strategies and finding new funding partners 
  • working with companies on viable exit strategies 

We are proud of the entrepreneurs we have backed so far, of their tenacity, loyalty and ambition, and of the traction achieved so far and, in many cases, the financial returns generated.

What we look for


The main attributes we look for in a prospective investment are: 

  • a significant market opportunity 
  • a strong team with deep domain knowledge and real tenacity 
  • intellectual property that creates barriers to entry 
  • international vision and ambition

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