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Increasing the revenue and securing the networks of mobile operators.

We are a Bristol-based technology company specializing in roaming value added services, analytics, fraud and security solutions for mobile telecoms operators and signalling providers world-wide. We offer a proven, multi-protocol Signalling Firewall, which is live in two Tier 1 global operator groups.


Evolved Intelligence are innovators and experts in roaming, fraud and security solutions. We have a long and successful history of solving problems for our customers using our innovative approach to IN architecture, cloud based managed services and a range of patented solutions which resolve problems such as accidental border roaming and telco banking fraud.

Established in 2000, the team at EI is highly experienced in the telecoms sector having held senior positions at LogicaCMG, Orange, Apertio and ADC Metrica. EI employs 30 people based in Bristol.

Eden led EI’s seed round in 2010 and has continued to support the company.

Eden Partner:  Peter Jones

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