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Call tracking analytics to improve marketing ROI

ResponseTap's SaaS-based service allows retailers to analyse customer activity on their website and track concurrent or subsequent telephone calls – all at a per visitor level. Marketers get unparalleled insight into how online lead generation converts into offline sales.

As more and more retailers have moved online, with more complex products such as travel and financial services, the role of offline telephone conversion has grown, not diminished. More than 80% of online retailers generate leads online with the intention of converting them offline – and conversion rates are typically much higher, though with greater costs.

Understanding how these leads are sourced, which convert most effectively and how to optimise the online experience for maximum offline conversion is a big challenge for marketers. ResponseTap handles millions of customer calls a month from more than 300 customers delivering a clear ROI from increased calls, better conversion and optimised marketing spend.

Established in 2008 by Ross Fobian (CEO) and Richard Hammond, ResponseTap employs 54 people in offices in London, Manchester and New York. Stephen Taylor (Yahoo, Qype) is Chairman.

Eden led ResponseTap’s A round in 2012 and supported the company’s B round led by Beringea in early 2014.


Eden Partner:  Peter Jones

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