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Using voiceprint technology to secure financial services transactions

VoiceVault provides voice-based biometric verification and identity management services to a growing number of customers around the world. The technology offers advanced security across different areas, including caller authentication, password reset, payment verification and digital contract signature. Verification takes place over the telephone or the internet and is completed in less than a second, regardless of where the person is in the world.

VoiceVault uses spoken words to calculate over 100 different measurements of a speaker's vocal tract, generating a unique voiceprint. The technology is the result of over 160 years of research and development. It is the only platform of its kind to be accredited to issue EU Advanced Electronic Signatures (voice digital certificates) and has also gained ISO 27001.

Founded in 2005, VoiceVault is headquartered in UK and employs 12 people. Kevin Lomax (founder and former CEO of Misys) is Chairman and an investor.

Eden led VoiceVault’s seed round, invested in further rounds and remains a significant shareholder.


Eden Partner:  Mark Farmer

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