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Helping publishers discover their total potential audience

Zemanta provides a global recommendation network that connects advertisers, typically owners of premium content, with a key group of influences on the web - bloggers.

Bloggers use Zemanta's free service to enhance their posts with related pictures, articles, tags and in-text links all suggested by Zemanta's award-winning semantic technology. Advertisers sponsor content in the Zemanta database and benefit both by having their content recommended to key influencers and from the strong SEO benefits when bloggers place links to the content in their posts.

The Zemanta content database consists of more than 10,000 data feeds and over 100 million individual pieces of content - all of which have been analysed and automatically recommended to bloggers based on the context of their post. Every month Zemanta makes millions of content recommendations, with users selecting more than 500,000 links to place in their posts. Clients include agencies such as Razorfish and iCrossing and large publishers such as MySpace, AOL and WebMD.

Established in 2007, Zemanta employs 38 people and is based in New York City and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Eden invested in Zemanta’s seed round in 2008 alongside Seedcamp and TAG and followed its investment when the company subsequently raised Series A investment from Union Square Ventures in 2010.


Eden Partner:  Peter Jones

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